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5 Fun Activities to Celebrate Easter Weekend 2022: Hop to New Heights with an Acorn Stairlift

12:00am & Lifestyle

With Easter peeping just around the corner, it’s that time of year to start hopping on those fun Easter trends again. Read on to learn 5 fun and festive Easter activities you can do with the whole family, as well as how Acorn Stairlifts helps people all over the world hop to new heights with the help of our “egg-strodinary" variety of stairlifts.

Spring into the Season with These Festive Easter Traditions for the Family

1. Put Together a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg Hunt is the perfect activity to get the whole family involved, whether your group consists of children or just a fun bunch of adults. You can choose to make the hunt indoors or outdoors by scattering your Easter eggs all over your lawn or hiding them in unsuspecting spots in your home. The great thing about this activity is that you can make the hunt easier or more difficult, more casual or more competitive, according to what your family and friends prefer. You can even include cute Easter Egg Hunt clues or riddles to make it more intellectually stimulating. Don’t forget to stuff your Easter eggs with little treats as a reward for all of that hard hunting.

2. Try Out Some Delicious Easter Recipes

Alongside your traditional dishes, Easter is the perfect opportunity to try out some delicious, new recipes for your family feast. Whether you are looking for something savoury to fill your bellies or something sugary to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are plenty of new recipes you can try out. You can even add a festive touch to your new dishes by making them Easter-themed, such as baking a cake in the shape of a bunny or Easter egg and decorating it with bright, colourful icing and jellybeans.

3. Decorate with Colourful Easter Egg Designs

Family Celebrating EasterDecorating Easter eggs is a classic and creative way to celebrate the holiday. Gather your close friends and family, some colourful Easter egg dyes and designs, paintbrushes, hardboiled eggs, and “get cracking” on decorating. From mixing colours to adding glitter or stickers, you can bring out your inner artist by creating truly unique Easter egg designs that will set your eggs apart from the dozen.

4. Plan a Memorable Visit with the Easter Bunny

Easter is not complete without a visit to the famous Easter Bunny. Hop down to the nearest shopping centre to take some cute family pictures with the world’s busiest bunny. Bonus points to families in cute, colour-coordinated Easter outfits.

5. Grab Some Goodies for a Sweet Easter Basket

Who doesn’t love a basket of goodies? Look out for cute Easter gift ideas to slip into your basket this year from chocolate eggs and jellybeans to colouring books and toys. With endless combinations of colours, decorations, candy, toys, themes, and designs, you can utilise your creativity to make each Easter basket unique to the individual.

You Don’t Have to Hunt Down This “Egg-cellent” Stair Lift South Africa: Contact Acorn Today         

Much like the Easter Bunny delivers gifts to people all over the world, at Acorn Stairlifts, we pride ourselves in bringing mobility and independence to thousands of people all over the world with the gift of our high-quality stairlifts.

Acorn stairlifts come in a variety of models including outdoor stairlifts, indoor stairlifts, and stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases. Each Acorn home stairlift is customised to fit your specific staircases, home, and needs. This is due to our innovative rail system that allows Acorn stairlifts to be attached directly to your staircase and never the wall, meaning that no drilling or plastering that compromises the structure or style or your home is required during stairlift installation.

Get in contact with Acorn Stairlifts today to claim your free, no-obligation stairlift quote and home survey. Don’t wait to regain your independence and mobility and start living your life to the fullest.

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