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How Acorn Stairlifts Keeps You Safe and Healthy

12:00am & Health

Because Acorn Stairlifts knows the importance of maintaining mobility and independence in your home at all times, we are always prepared to overcome any obstacles so that we can help you overcome your biggest obstacle—staircases. 

During these unstable times, it is more important than ever to have some stability in your life. Acorn Stairlifts provides stability, mobility, and independence every eight minutes to someone in the world with the installation of one of our dependable, high-quality stairlifts in their home. Learn how Acorn Stairlifts continues to help you reclaim your life and reach new heights with the best stairlifts in the world, all while keeping you safe and healthy. 

How Our Stairlifts South Africa Installation Technicians Keep You Safe 

Acorn Stairlifts offers every person a free, no-obligation quote and home survey. Before you commit to purchasing your stairlift elevator, Acorn wants to assure that all of your questions are answered and there are no surprises by providing you with a personal quote and advisement from our trustworthy stairlift experts.  

During the free home survey, an Acorn installation technician comes out to your home and takes measurements of your staircase and home to determine the stair chair lift that will best fit your individual needs. All Acorn installation technicians are required to wear masks within your home, as well as constantly wash their hands, clean their equipment, avoid physical greetings such as handshakes, and practice social distancing. It is not even necessary for you to be in the same room with them while they are getting all of the necessary measurements of your staircase and home or installing your stairlift. 

Acorn Also Offers Virtual Surveys

stairlift technician going over acorn stairlifts survey

If you are not comfortable with one of Acorn’s installation technicians entering your home for the survey, Acorn Stairlifts also offers safe and convenient virtual surveys. All you need to complete your survey is measuring tape, pen, paper, and a smartphone or tablet. Your virtual survey will only take about 20 to 30 minutes, and one of Acorn’s stairlift experts will walk you through the simple process of collecting measurements and taking pictures of your home and staircase step by step. By the end of the virtual survey, Acorn’s knowledgeable technicians will have obtained enough information to provide you with a personal quote and recommend the stairlift that best fits your needs and home. 

Acorn’s Remote Stairlift Repairs Reduce Physical Contact 

Thanks to the innovative design of Acorn stairlifts, if current Acorn stairlift owners are in need of repairs, most can be done remotely using the digital diagnostic display. The digital diagnostic display is standard on all Acorn stairlift models and allows our stairlift experts to understand what the problem is, as well as how to fix it. In many cases, this is possible without the need to send someone out to your home. However, should someone need to come to your home to perform stairlift repairs, all of Acorn’s technicians continue to practice safety by wearing masks, constantly washing their hands, cleaning their equipment, avoiding physical greetings such as handshakes, and practicing social distancing. 

 Acorn Stairlifts Keeps Up with the Latest Health Recommendations and Regulations 

As the world continues to medically advance and learn more information during these unpredictable times, Acorn Stairlifts continues to keep up with the latest health research, recommendations, and regulations so that we can continue to keep our customers safe and healthy. Acorn Stairlifts pledges to put the safety and well-being of our customers first so that we can continue providing them with the security and stability they deserve in every aspect of their lives. 

We Care: Acorn is Here to Help 

Through good times and bad, Acorn Stairlifts always puts our customers’ health, safety and satisfaction first. With all of the safety and health precautions that Acorn takes to protect you, you can trust that you will always be in good hands, no matter what happens. Allow Acorn Stairlifts to be a part of reclaiming your independence and giving you and your loved ones’ lives the lift that they deserve today. 

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