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How to Properly Care for Your Stairlift

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Now that you have your gleaming, brand-new Acorn stairlift that allows you to travel freely and safely between the levels of the home you love, it is important that you know how to preserve its high quality so that you can remain confident, independent, and in good health for many years to come. Read on to learn the useful Acorn Stairlifts tips to maintain the unbeatable quality of the best stairlifts in the world.

Read The Acorn Stairlifts South Africa Instruction Manual and Ask a Trustworthy Acorn Installer About Maintenance

With the purchase of any product, it is always crucial that you read the instruction manual that comes with it. This ensures that you are not neglecting or damaging the product with improper use and allows you to properly care for your stairlift in a way that will prolong its life. After Acorn’s trustworthy installation engineers finish installing your stair lift, they will answer any questions that you may have about stairlift maintenance or aftercare. This includes tips on how to keep your stairlift running to its maximum capacity.

Clean The Track of Your Chair Lift and the Surrounding Staircase Area Regularly


technician servicing stair lift Acorn Stairlifts recommends that you run a dry cloth along your stairlift’s rail on a weekly basis to clean out any debris that could interfere with the flawless operation of your stairlift. While you may use simple household polish on the stairlift’s rail, under no circumstance should you attempt to clean with a damp cloth or abrasive. Acorn Stairlifts also recommends that you vacuum out the steel-toothed rack that is mounted onto the rail itself regularly. Clearing objects from the staircase and vacuuming the general surrounding staircase area also keeps your stairlift running efficiently with no obstructions, assuring a smooth ride every time. Failure to clean out the rail and steel-toothed rack could lead to a buildup of dust on the internal rollers of the lift, which will leave black marks or residue that looks like metal shavings. To cut a long story short—make sure to keep your chair lift clean so that you can continue to climb to new heights. 

Lubricate the Track of Your Stair Chair Lift Often

Apply lubricant to the track of your stair chair lift often to ensure that your stairlift glides seamlessly up and down the staircase. Although it is highly unlikely that an Acorn stairlift will get stuck on the track, lubricating it regularly will eliminate any friction that could add on unnecessary stress to your stairlift. Once your installation engineer has finished installing your brand-new stairlift, you can ask for recommendations on how to properly lubricate your stairlift, as well as ask them for extra lubricant to have on hand.

Get an Annual Stairlift Inspection

When you buy an Acorn stairlift, you are getting the most competitive stairlift price, the best quality, and service. That being said, it’s no surprise that no matter how superior or stable a product is, there is inevitably going to be some wear and tear that comes with everyday use. For this reason, Acorn Stairlifts always recommends that you get an annual stairlift inspection to assure that all parts of your stairlift are operating as they should be. When you purchase your stair lift from Acorn, you automatically receive the Manufacturer’s Guaranteed coverage that lasts for 12 months, starting on the day that your stairlift is installed. This means that you get one free service visit in which our expert technicians will evaluate all of the components of your stairlift to make sure it is functioning to its highest capacity. If there are any parts that need to be replaced or minor tweaks that need to be fixed, Acorn will take care of you. Make sure that you give us a call before your year is up and schedule your annual service visit. To schedule your annual stairlift inspection, you can contact Acorn’s customer service team, available to you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Look Into Acorn’s Stairlift Aftercare Programs to Cut Back on Stairlift Price South Africa

Not only does Acorn Stairlifts offer competitive pricing for stairlifts, but Acorn also offers amazing aftercare plans that allow you to preserve the quality of your stairlift, all while saving money on maintenance. After your first year is complete, your stairlift is no longer covered, unless you choose to invest in one of Acorn’s aftercare programs, which we highly recommend. Acorn’s aftercare programs include services such as covering the cost of required stairlift repairs, as well as the cost to have a technician come out to your home to fix a problem. With an Acorn aftercare program, you are given priority.

Long Live Your Lift

Remember that when you properly care for your stairlift, you are also choosing to take care of yourself, investing in your own future and health. Long live your lift, and long live you and your independence.

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