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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Here

12:00am & Tips and Advice

With the start of October comes the start of Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast cancer awareness is important all year round but this month is dedicated to bringing awareness, honoring those in our lives, and bring the support needed to everyone. 

What is Breast Cancer? 

Cancer takes place in the cells with are the basic building blocks that makeup tissue. There is a lot of tissue around your body but, it is also found in the breast. Your body makes new cells all the time but, sometimes something can go wrong, and instead of making a healthy cell it ends up making a cell, that can cause cancer. It can then be shown, through a tumor, lump, or growth in the breast.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer We care deeply for the people in our lives and always want them to be healthy. Early detection and diagnosis are important. You and your loved ones should continually get checked and check yourself to make sure everything feels right. Things to take note of that you should speak to a health care provider as soon as possible about: 

  1. Change in the look or feel of your breast or nipple 
  2. Unexplained swelling or shrinking in the breast on one side 
  3. Changes in the texture of the skin 
  4. When checking yourself if you feel a lump in the breast 
  5. If the discharge is coming from the nipple 

Those are some things that you should address with your doctor right away. Get early detection can help in the long run. 

Breast Cancer Mammogram 

If you do a yearly checkup, your doctor checks to make sure everything is normal. They will do a mammogram which is an X-ray of the breast. It is also one of the ways they check for cancer in the breast. If you go in to check for any of the symptoms above your doctor will do a mammogram to determine if those symptoms can be the presence of cancer. 

Breast Cancer Treatment 

There are many different types of breast cancer and stages so, treatment for every person will be different. You will have to discuss with your doctor’s what the best course of action will be for your case. It is always good to do your own research as well. There are treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, target therapy, and many more. Researching and knowing what your doctors are talking about will help you feel less lost and not feel like everything is out of your control. 

How to donate  

If you're feeling like giving back, the National Breast Cancer Foundation has a section where you can donate money to women with breast cancer.  

Right now till October 08, 2021, every dollar donated is matched by Nature Nate’s Honey Co. You can pick where your donations are going this month only. You can pick to donate to screening, education, support, and General Fund. If you're looking to make a foundation, you have a choice of creating an individual, employee, school/sports, memorial, and even a Facebook fundraiser. Each donation cost goes to different ways to help: 

  • $ 25 goes to help a diagnosed breast cancer get a patient navigator 
  • $ 50 gets one woman a HOPE kit 
  • $ 150 provides one woman with a free mammogram  
  • $1,000 Gives one patient the opportunity to attend a Metastatic Breast Cancer Retreat  

 If you are looking to Volunteer 

You can help pack HOPE kits, write encouragement cards, pack breast health kits. The National Breast Cancer Foundation website provides a calendar of opportunities you can sign up for to get involved. If you are looking to do a walk for Breast Cancer Awareness, you just need to look up walks that are happening in your area and sign up with them. If you are looking to have a subscription that can support women across the country, you can join the giving tree for just $13 per month.    

Looking for Merchandise 

You can buy merchandise from the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They have HOPE clothes, hats, and accessories. You are also able to purchase a HOPE kit for you or a loved one. If you looking for the Breast Cancer ribbon on the items, you are looking for you can find it here.  

Cancer has a chance of making your feel unwell and can make you have pain doing tasks that used to just be everyday things but now they have become unpleasant to do. Companies like Acorn Stairlifts are here to help you. Our stairlifts are a perfect solution if you are having trouble walking and up your stairs. The heart of our company is our customers, and we are here to help through the whole process even after with our aftercare program. This October, let's stand up to breast cancer! Get the help you need and know there is support here for you. 




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