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Big electric Bill, Is it because of your stairlift?

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It’s electric! And I’m not talking about the “Electric Boogie” by Marcia Griffiths. Bills keep coming and you have to worry about paying them but you’re considering getting a stairlift that will make a positive impact on your life. You probably wondering if a stairlift is going to make your electric bills rise making you have to spend more.

Will a stairlift make my electric bill rise?

A lot of people have a set income and might be worried about how much their bills might go up because they want to get a stairlift. On Acorn Stairlifts FAQ a curve stairlift might add to 35Kwh per year and a straight stairlift could be 23Kwh per year. If you have a set or don’t have a set income you don’t have to worry about if you purchase a stairlift if your electric bill will go up to a crazy amount. It has a low voltage so you’re not paying a fortune. Your time is worth more than having to worry about such a thing. Instead, you should be making many great memories’ now that you know that your money should not be affected.

How does Acorn Stairlifts help

How Much Energy Does a Stairlift Use - Acorn Stairlifts ZAAcorn stairlift's top priority is their clients. Helping you achieve mobility and having the ability to continue doing the things you love is on top of the list. Their stairlifts are made for you to get the best out of your purchase. It can be nerve-racking to think about if your stairlift is going to be eating away at the money that you worked hard for over the years. You don’t need to stress because Acorn Stairlift has your back.

How much energy does a stairlift use?

You would think that a stairlift would need a lot of energy every day to get you from place to place. It’s a good size machine that can hold up to 159kg (25s) (350Ib). You get the idea that an electric chair lift might be using a lot of energy yet it doesn’t use that much energy at all. Surprisingly these power stair chairs typically use as much energy as a small television on standby. You might feel relieved now that you know that your stairlift won’t be using so much. Thanks to its advanced technology in the machine that allows it to power save. If you have a chance check out Acorn stairlifts FAQ

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