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Let’s Talk about You and Knee Pain

12:00am & Health

Pain, oh gosh pain is a feeling no one wants to experience. You try to avoid it at all costs yet sometimes it's unavoidable. Knee pain is something that can be your worst nightmare. It can be caused by many things such as:

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome:

Damaged cartilage under the knee can cause pain in joints, knee pain, and stiffness.

Tibiofemoral Dislocation:

The damage of the nerves and the tendons can end with pain lasting a long time.


When tissue that is flexible at the end of the bone degrades down it can cause pain and stiffness.

Torn Meniscus:

Forceful twisting causes the tissue in the knee to tear. Can cause pain, swelling, and joint pain.

Joint Dislocation:

When the joint is forced out of its proper place can cause tenderness, pain, and joint pain.


Ways to help reduce your pain

Imagine falling down the stairs but not from walking down but from hitting the stairs as hard as you can on your knees from slipping walking up the stairs. It’s painful, you feel confused, thinking how could I fall going up. You sit there thinking how much does a stairlift cost? You already know how bad your pain is. Of course, see a doctor if needed. You are probably looking for some relief which is fully understandable. The R.I.C.E method is something to try. 

  •  R- Rest 
  •  I- Ice 
  • C- Compression 
  • E- Elevate 


Things to keep in mind

knee pain and how to reduce it - acorn stairlifts zaPain in the knee is something that might take some time to heal. It’s easy to irritate as you have to move your knee all day yet you got places to go and people to see. Of course, you want to make sure you are not making the pain worse as the day goes on. The stiffness of the joint is normal in the morning you might want to place a heating pad on it to loosen the muscles around the knee joint. Avoid picking up heavy objects as the extra weight can put pressure on your knee. Take rest throughout the day and do the R.I.C.E method. Pain can worsen at night as you have been working out the knee all day by moving and doing everyday things. Getting support should help with the pain such as a brace, walker, and therapeutic tap, make sure to get the right one for your issues. If you have gone to see your healthcare provider and they have proscribed, you an anti-inflammatory put a reminder for you to take it on time to make sure you are as pain-free as possible. You might also want to start exercising or see if physical therapy is the best route for you. This can help stabilize your knee by strengthening the muscles around them. Be patient with yourself, it can be frustrating so be kind to yourself as you heal. 

From all we know

Pain is not fun but sometimes it is unavoidable. With the right type of care, we can reduce the impact it has on our lives. Be gentle and treat your pain in the best way you can. Lots of rest, care, and patients. Time is said to heal many wounds; knee pain is no exception.



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