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Staying Safe Inside Your Home

12:00am & Tips and Advice

With all the added time spent at home this last year, it is now more crucial than ever to stay careful at home. With tips like taking precautions throughout your house and keeping your body healthy, this short guide can help keep you healthy and injury-free for years to come. 

Making Adjustments in Your Home  

Create a risk assessment checklist with a friend or a member of your family to review your whole house for potential dangers. Have your family member or friend check out of reach places like co2 and smoke two detectors to make sure they’re working correctly. Asses slip and fall risks in the house. Add non-slip mats for rugs and grab bars in bathrooms. Useful add-ons like stairlifts can decrease the risk of fall injures. Useful add-ons like pull-out drawers can reduce the risk of the back. To avoid stair-related hazards, consider installing a stairlift. Be able to access all parts of your house while avoiding hazards and fall risks. Stairlifts can be highly beneficial to those looking to preventing injuries at home.  

Keeping Healthy for Home 

Being proactive about the choices you make every day can significantly impact preventing injures at home. Being mindful of your body is an important asset to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.  You can lose muscle, joint movement, and bone density as you age, which all can play a role in accidents. These are all normal when aging, but you can prevent or slow these changes by taking action. By stretching, you can help maintain flexibility in your joints. You can do both weight and non-weight bearing exercises to preserve bone mass and density. Walking, weight training, and water activities are great ways to prevent you from getting injuries in your home.  

Regular doctor visits are important; stay up to date with appointments. Your doctor is one of the best resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They can help you determine the adequate rest and diet you need to help you stay safe in your home. 

Many accidents can occur from lack of awareness, so be sure to get an annual hearing and eyesight check-up. Take your prescriptions as need and refill prescriptions on time to prevent health changes that could be risky.  

Set Up a Plan  

Not all incidents can go as planned, but it is important to prepare for emergencies. Create a plan for what to do if something happens, contact a trusted family member or friend to chat frequently. Build a list of numbers for emergency use and a mobile phone. If you have one, to hold with you on your person or nearby. Additionally, smartwatches and wearable assistive devices can provide fall detection and other benefits to keep you safe in your home. 

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