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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Stairlift

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Whether mobility is becoming or already is an issue, if you live in a multi-level home choosing to have a stairlift installed could make your life a lot easier. By reviewing our guide, it can help you consider the best stairlift for your home. Let’s explore over five of the most important things to consider before buying a stairlift.


Whether mobility is becoming or already is an issue, if you live in a multi-level home choosing to have a stairlift installed could make your life a lot easier.  The difference between being able to use your own bedroom as well as enjoy your whole house. Rather than having to make do with exclusively living downstairs. By reviewing our guide, it can help you consider the best stairlift for your home. Let’s explore over five of the most important things to consider before buying a stairlift.  


1. Choosing to Purchase StairliftPurchasing is overall the best option as a stairlift can be a permanent solution to those even suffering from temporary mobility problems. By using a stairlift, you could be putting much less strain on your body long-term, and even possibly lessen the chance of running into other mobility issues throughout your life. Having a stairlift permanently can also overall increase your safety and help you maintain a sense of independence for the rest of your life. Of course, cost will impact any major purchase like a stairlift. However, prices will vary depending on your chosen Acorn stairlift and your individual needs. 


Discussing stairlift options 2. Selecting the Right Stairlift Company- Did you know one of the major challenges is choosing the best company to buy a stairlift for your home? It is always better that you compare different companies to ensure that you select the best. Here at Acorn Stairlifts, we pride ourselves on being one of the world’s leading stairlift providers. Despite other stairlift companies, we make it our mission to complete your Acorn Stairlift installation within just a few days. 

3. Deciding What Kind of Stairs You Have- Stairs come in a variety of configurations. Some are simple and straight with no obstructions. Other stairways may curve or have landings. Try to examine your stairs to determine to which stairlift is best for you.  

  • Are Your Stairs Straight- Straight staircases tend to be more cost-efficient and easier to install. 
  • Are Your Stairs Curved- Curved staircases typically take longer to survey and can cost more to install.  
  • Are Your Stairs Outside- Outdoor stairlifts are the perfect mobility aid to give you access to outdoors. 


4. Assessing All Safety FeaturesSafety is one important thing that you must consider when you are looking for a stairlift for your home. For the safety of its users, it is necessary that such safety features like braking system, seatbelts, rocker switch control, as well as automatic and several other safety features. Do your best to become familiar with the safety features that will come with your stairlift. Once you understand how to properly use your stairlift this will ensure the rider’s safety.  


5. Acknowledging Servicing and Aftercare- When you take into consideration how stairlifts are used for someone you one love, you want to ensure you have experts to install your stairlift. This guarantees that the stairlift is installed properly and with minimum disruption to your home. By offering annual scheduled maintenance plans and services for your stairlift. We want to do our part to make sure your stairlift keeps running properly for many years. Many of our customers know Aftercare is a top priority for us. We take pride on making sure that all our stairlift users are 100% happy with our stairlifts.  


In conclusion, when researching stairlifts, and finding a company that professionally installs stairlifts you must be aware of all the different aspects. As well as stand understand all the work and care that companies like Acorn Stairlifts continue to do to help everyday people regain their independence. Let Acorn remove the struggle with your stairs, and let us help you regain your independence today. 

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