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Why a Stairlift?

Why have a Stairlift installed?

Why not? Why struggle with your stairs and feel limited in your own home? When a stairlift can give you or a loved one back their freedom.

Our range of stairlifts are designed to be easy to use, and all incorporate the very best in design, precision engineering and safety features.

Like many of our other customers worldwide, you'll wonder why you hadn't chosen one of our stairlifts sooner.

  • Unique FastTrack® modular rail system
  • Stairlifts that fit the stairs, not the wall - with no structural changes needed
  • DC on demand power - low running costs
  • Affordable, installed fast and built to last
  • Make your life easier and regain your freedom

Stairlift myths busted

  • Our improved manufacturing processes means a stairlift is more affordable than ever.
  • Our stairlifts simply plug into a dedicated electrical socket, they don't need any structural work and can be installed in a matter of hours.
  • Our stairlifts draw power on demand only charging when they need it. They're designed to be quiet with one control to go up or down.
  • Every 8 minutes an Acorn stairlift is installed somewhere in the world, with many customers wishing they had gone ahead earlier, so owning a stairlift has never been more popular.

Must have features to look for

Simple to use paddle joystick control on the stairlifts arm

Simple to use

Fitted with controls that have been tested by the Arthritis Foundation and awarded with the industry-leading Ease-of-Use Commendation.
A small digital screen that shows codes in two digits of any the stairlifts status and any faults that may occur

Digital display

Shows the status of the stairlift and uses simple digital codes.

Obstruction sensors that stop the stairlift if it hits something on the staircase

Surround sensors

Sensors cover areas around the carriage base and foot plate which stop the stairlift safely and immediately if it meets an obstruction on the stairs.

Obstruction sensors that stop the stairlift if it hits something on the staircase

Swivel Seat

Makes it safer and easier getting on and off the stairlift at the top of the stairs.

It also acts as an extra safety barrier to avoid falling after leaving the stairlift seat.

Why choose an Acorn Stairlift?

  • Network of South African surveyors and installers
  • FastTrack® Rail Technology means industry leading installation times
  • A variety of flexible solutions for stairs
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Low cost to run and easy to use
  • Year-round support and aftercare
  • We respond to enquiries in 24 hours

What our customers are saying

I am thrilled with my stairlift. It only took a day to install and very nice people.It will make such a difference to my life.


Elaine Boyes - Fish Hoek

Elaine Boyes, Fish Hoek

Morning Yolande,

I was very impressed with the work that Ashton did. His pleasant nature was such a breath of fresh air.

His professionalism and “clean” way of workmanship was excellent.

This is going to be of great assistance to our Mom.


Vaughan and Cathy Renaud


Vaughan and Cathy Renaud - Dolphin Coast, KZN

Vaughan and Cathy Renaud, Dolphin Coast, KZN

We would like to thank Acorn Stairlifts for their super service from our first enquiry to the installation of the stairlift. 

Service like you offered is very rare nowadays.  

We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who has a need for your product. 

Thanking you once more


Joe & Pat Erasmus - Durban

Joe & Pat Erasmus, Durban

Vreeslik dankie vir julle “omgee diens” wat julle gelewer het, vanaf die eerste dag wat ek met julle kontak gemaak het, totdat die installasie vandag gedoen was, dit word opreg waardeer!

Ek sal beslis weer in die toekoms van julle diens gebruik maak en met groot vrymoedigheid kliënte na julle verwys.



Darelle Smit - Kaapstad

Darelle Smit, Kaapstad

Hello Salome,

I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation for the prompt and efficient service I received from your Company.

Firstly my thanks to you Salome, who acted so quickly and who put me in a position the make a decision quickly; in fact I could detect it from the word go! You are a great asset to your employer.

The "on time" visit from your technician is just supperb; in addition to this his arrival on time to do the installation faultless.

Your Company should be proud on staff of this quality; in SA this kind of service just does not exist.

Anyone would pay your price if this type of outstanding service is rendered.

Again I wish to commend you; your Company will survive any depression because you THERE!!!!

I thank you.

Kind regards


Leon G Volschenk - Reebok, Western Cape

Leon G Volschenk, Reebok, Western Cape

Please convey to Management and all concerned that Johnathan did an excellent job at installing our new stairlift at our offices.
He was pleasant, friendly, neat and explained the functionality of this chair in a very clear manner.

Thank you.



Solid Doors (Pty) Ltd - Johannesburg

Solid Doors (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg

Thank you for the installation and we want say what a pleasant and well mannered person Ashton is. Ashton is professional and knows his craft.



Alan Venske - KZN

Alan Venske, KZN

I read some of the Testimonials on your website and I must say, from the first phone call to your offices, the quality of service and communication has been excellent.


Kind regards,


Edyss Scott - Cape Town

Edyss Scott, Cape Town

Hello Mark,

I wanted to take the time to give you feedback on the excellent service I experienced with Acorn stairlifts.

Every person that I encountered during my interactions, from Russel, to the gentleman that came out to measure the staircase and Salome has been just remarkable.

There is a definite customer centric culture from your employees. It is evident from their pleasant etiquette on telephone and emails, the time they take to listen and understand questions and their efficient responsiveness to calls and emails.

I have dealt with many companies as a consumer and business person, but have never come across such an outstanding example of customer service.

Well done to you and your team of champions, very few companies get this simple concept of customer service correct.

Good luck with your business going forward.

Please pass my sincere gratitude to your great team members that I have dealt with.

Kind regards 

Mika Maharaj - Fourways, Gauteng

Mika Maharaj, Fourways, Gauteng

I recently had an Acorn Stairlift fitted. The technician (Jonathan) was extremely professional and work meticulous. He was punctual and very knowledgeable. The installation was of extreme high quality and superb workmanship and cleanliness. I recommend him highly for any stairlift installation.

Mr Glen Smith - Gauteng

Mr Glen Smith, Gauteng

What's the Ease-of-Use Commendation?

Ease-of-Use Stairlift Commendation

We understand that it is our core business interest to help our customers use their stairs again. We spent a lot of time speaking with our customers, getting their feedback on our product. We compiled the good and the bad and put together an action plan on how to better improve our product.

The Ease-of-Use program

The Arthritis Foundation created the Ease-of-Use Program to encourage manufacturers to design user-friendly products and packaging that could be recommended to the millions of people living with arthritis.

The process begins with the manufacturer submitting a product to the Arthritis Foundation for an extensive scientific evaluation. The sole purpose of this evaluation is to determine, quite simply, how easy to use a given product is for people with arthritis. The testing process is as follows:

  • When a product's submitted for test it gets evaluated under fail or pass conditions. These are set out according to product type. An example would be opening a lid on a medicine bottle or using the controls of a household kettle.
  • An assessment then takes place using every manner a user who has Arthritis to simulate use. This even extends to the opening of packaging form the initial product purchase cycle.
  • Finally, a panel of eight testers who have moderate to severe arthritis are evaluated for torque, grip and endurance, muscle strength, pinch force and range of motion. They are asked to interact with the product as they normally would, they get to open and use the product. Use its controls following this an interview takes place by the group of scientists feedback is gathered in a real-world setting.

The scientists evaluation for the Arthritis foundation included the following:

A montage of the stairlifts easy to use features: Swivel Seat, Paddle Controls, Seatbelt and Folding Footrest.

What did this mean for us as a company?

This award has made us very proud that our stairlifts are comfortable and easy to use our own. By acting on customer feedback to improve our product has paid off and been scientifically proven

At the moment we are one of the only stairlift companies to have been accredited with this award, we where the first to be awarded with the Ease-of-Use Commendation.

This is yet another effort that continues to prove that we are a pioneer in the industry, always striving to stay ahead, and to help our customers by providing the absolute best solution for their needs.

Which Acorn Stairlift is covered?

Both the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift plus the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift both have been scientifically tested receiving the Ease-of-Use commendation.

Any other stairlifts on the market with this?

Our stairlifts at the moment are the only ones to be given this award. At Acorn we constantly strive to improve our products as a direct manufacturer of stairlifts we are always looking at ways of how we can improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

Want to know more about the Arthritis Foundation?

For further details on the Ease-of-Use Commendation and the Arthritis Foundation, click here